The Five Second Challenge: Creating Videos That Don’t Get Skipped

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Video content is such an essential part of today’s marketing mix. People enjoy video content and consume it heavily, whether that’s through social media, YouTube, or even website embeds. However, people are also incredibly impatient. A video needs to capture its audience almost instantly – certainly before YouTube’s Skip button kicks in at the five second mark.

Google, which owns YouTube, has released a series of recommended best practices to help companies create compelling videos. The first is to go lightly with brand names and imagery such as logos unless they’re on the product being shown. Most jewelry isn’t visibly branded, so the takeaway here it to keep the logos for after the five second mark.

Next, don’t be afraid of strong emotions. Humorous videos are the most popular, followed by clips that are either suspenseful or sentimental. Look for funny ways to announce sales events, spotlight your merchandise, or otherwise capture customer attention. This is especially relevant when you’re trying to reach the self-buyer who may not be familiar with your brand. The bridal and romantic marketplace is obviously ideal for a sentimental tone – the trick here is to find something that stands out from the crowd. Remember, there are a million different love stories out there!

Finally, make music work for you, rather than against you. The vast majority of videos are watched without sound, so make sure your concept and key ideas are communicated effectively in silence. That being said, videos with unique, distinctive music, such as the dubstep Mountain Dew chose for a recent hit campaign, outperform those with more expected soundtracks. The takeaway: if you’re going to use music, make the music matter. Google recommends a mix of silent and sound-enabled videos for best results.

The five second skip button definitely presents a challenge for jewelry brands, but it’s not an insurmountable hurdle. Jewelry is inherently visual. Take advantage of that fact, as well as Google’s best practice recommendations, to create new videos that help you capture and keep customer interest. Then share them with your partner retailers to increase your brand’s visibility and reach.