Want To Be Known For Having the Looks Teens Love? The 4 Social Media Platforms You Need To Know

For the jewelry retailer who specializes in trendy fashion pieces for the teen and young adult market, Business Insider’s most recent research report  is must-read material. Detailed therein are the demographic details that make it easy to understand which social media platforms are most relevant to reaching your customers.

Instagram has captured this portion of the marketplace. Almost 1/3rd of teens rate Instagram as the most important social media network, followed by Snapchat, Tumblr, and Vine. Users aged 18-24 strongly prefer these four social media platforms to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.  Only 14% of teens rate Facebook as the top platform; less than 40% of Facebook’s users are between 18-34.

Snapchat is rapidly gaining ground on Instagram, with over 100 million daily active users. 70% of users are women, who report valuing the immediacy of connection they feel with people they snap with. The Association of Surfing Professionals tapped into this appeal by having some of their celebrity stars ‘snap back’ autographs to any fans who reached out to them – it’s an idea that could easily translate to jewelry designers or celebrity models.

Look at Calvin Klein if you’d like to see how fashion brands can shine on Tumblr. The designer uses Tumblr basically as a private ongoing fashion show, giving their followers new looks to look at regularly, both in staged product shots and more candid style behind the scenes images. A jewelry retailer can follow this model, combining unboxing and showcase stocking pics with images of customers and staff trying on their favorite pieces – keep it casual and sparkly for best results.

Vine features looping 6 second video clips. Humor and surprising content is the order of the day; if you can find a way for your customers to laugh out loud at your material, you’ll have them hooked. Tutorials are also very hot on Vine. Something like how to wear stackable bracelets may seem self-evident, but people will watch it: put together a video featuring the looks you’d like to sell the most of and test the concept for yourself!